Welcome to my beloved world. I am Patti, the founder of ELU BABY Signature and here is a bit of how it all started…

How it All Began…

After having my little baby Sophia, as a new mum, I was a bit confused of what to do with my career. I had graduated from a Master of Business Management three months before her birth and my professional background was Human Resources. After some deliberation, I decided that instead of going back to a fast-paced corporate role, I would invest my energy in this business that would allow me to follow my passion and spend my time with my baby Sophia.

My passion for fashion started when I was a little girl. I grew up watching my mum spend endless hours on the sewing machine making beautiful clothes for her clients. She was a very talented dressmaker, just like her mum before her. She used to make most of our family clothing for special occasions, which got passed down within the family. This is where the main idea for ELU BABY came from.

When I was 16 years old I had my first serious sewing project. I remembered I wanted to make myself a dress to go to a friend’s birthday party. I had the idea of what I wanted and my mum helped me to make a beautiful pink full circle dress with exaggerated ruffle sleeves. Few months later, I was much improved at making clothes. I was making clothes for my sisters and cousins and it didn’t take long for me to see opportunity to start making and selling clothes to family and friends. In 2013, influenced by friends, I decided to label my creations and turn my hobby into something more professional. In parallel I had a full-time job in Human Resources which I had to manage with the business for a long time because that was where my main income used to come from and I was not really confident in quitting my job. Thinking about that decision now, I believed for such a long time that I could never have a career in fashion.

In 2016, the business was going well and I was ready to invest all my time towards it. Then, I was offered an opportunity to come to Australia to study English. I always wanted to live in Australia, even if it was for few months to experience this culture and learn a new language. I saw that opportunity as something I couldn’t miss, so, I handed the business over to my younger sister with the intention to return within six months. As you guys can see, I stayed. I fell in love with Australia and here I am, almost seven years later… with my beautiful family and now back to business.

The cute Blue Dress and the inspiration for Elu Baby

Once in Australia, I had to put my passion aside and work in any job that could provide me with flexible hours and enough income to pay for my studies and visa application. Then, when I was 7 months pregnant with Sophia, I stopped working and started to devise a business plan.

I knew it would be something in fashion, but I wasn’t certain of what. I got inspired when my sister Fabi gave me a bag of her daughters pre-loved clothes for my baby Sophia and in the bottom of that bag I found my cute blue dress that I had made for my niece Luisa four years previous.

That was the first time I had made a garment for a baby. I wanted to give my newborn niece something special, so I made her this beautiful blue dress with a cute headband, which, to my surprise was worn two years later by my second niece Julia, Luisa’s sister.

Little did I know that one day I would have a baby girl and she would wear the dress too. I could never have imagined myself making clothes for babies, especially for my baby. I really enjoyed that feeling and in that moment I felt that I had found exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I found passion again and purpose.

My mission with Elu Baby is to provide the Australian community with cheerful, classy and stylish baby garments ethically handmade to be part of your family’s memorable occasions for generations. I want to provide to other families the same feeling I had, when seeing a special piece of clothing that was part of a special moment, being passed along to another little loved ones.

Alongside this beautiful purpose, my mission for this business is also to take care of the environment and our community. It’s known that the fashion industry is one of the biggest offenders in today’s world. Fast-fashion made fashion accessible and affordable for everyone; however, it brought and still brings so many negative consequences not only to our environment because of pollution, but also to our society, as this industry is very often involved with human and child exploitation.

We all need to change it. On one side, the people in fashion, where I’m now included, need to be more conscious with the way we produce fashion focusing on reducing the impacts on the environment. On the other side, consumers can also play an effective role by reducing or stopping their consumption from fast-fashion companies given preference to small and local businesses.

I Hope I can have your support with me on this mission.

Patti Matos

Elu Baby Values

Integrity, Tradition and Passion

In an age of fast-fashion, mass production and labour exploitation, Elu Baby makes it its mission to keep alive traditional craftsmanship by ethically designing and handmaking timeless beauty.

Sustainable approach

In an age of fast-fashion, mass production and labour exploitation, Elu Baby makes it its mission to keep alive traditional craftsmanship by ethically designing and handmaking timeless beauty.

Premium Quality

We offer the best quality materials and textiles; attention to detail and baby's comfort always come first. We ensure every item meets premium standards.